Yoga in a transactional economy

“I practice because yoga is the most effective tool I’ve found for inner transformation. I teach because it’s the most authentic way that I can be of service.” – Pranidhi Varshney, The Business of Teaching Yoga (well worth the read!)

Yes. This is why I practice and teach yoga as well.

Yet, not living in a high-density area like LA, as the Pranidhi does, makes making a living by teaching yoga ever more difficult. While Middleburg, VA, where InBodied Living & Co. was based in the past, offered a unique atmosphere where enough individuals who could afford it were motivated to seek out the benefits of authentic practice through private sessions, the Ocala area empties of well-healed horse people once season ends in April. As it is, this area is low-wage, so even former Olympic riders charge just $85 for riding lessons, and yoga class packs can be bought for $10 per class. In such an atmosphere, making a living as a yoga teacher is not a viable option.

Thus, the time has come for IBL to evolve. Although we will continue to offer barn yoga as a service (and because it is Sylvia’s calling and love!), our donation-based classes are clearly not going to pay for the mortgage, farrier fees, or dog food. IBL & Co is refocusing on life coaching, and will offer sessions online via Skype and via telephone or Viber. We cannot wait to see what the future holds!