Mission & philosophy

Our mission is to inspire people to nourish resilient lives of wellbeing.

We are lifelong equestrians who seek to build a community of empowered individuals with the tools to live in wellbeing, joy, and authenticity, and to nurture more complete relationships with their horses, nature, and each other.

Our tools of choice are mindfulness and yoga.

We provide clients with the tools to live in health and with deep meaning and purpose; to train and ride or drive horses with kindness, skill and joy; and to live in a sustainable manner that supports, rather than depletes, nature.

We teach yoga as a tool to help riders recognize and transcend their physical and psychological limitations, communicate and move fluidly with their equine partners, grow in the art of horsemanship, and feel the thrill of that fleeting, transcendent moment of complete grace in the saddle.

Our philosophy centers on connection and clarity.

We believe in forming loving and respectful partnerships with our animals, acting with kindness and clarity, and tailoring training programs that address our clients, whether human or equine, as the individuals they are. We also believe in rekindling the joy with which most of us came to horsemanship in the first place, but which often becomes lost under the pressures of competitions or the show ring.